It is an inquiry about the night-time experience of the city. The aim is to understand what is your perception about the nocturnal atmosphere of a city to explore. The atmosphere is the quality of the space, its distinctive character and it is made by external elements, such as light, or internal sensation and personal feelings.

It is a virtual explorative journey through images of lit cities. Let’s imagine to be inside these lit nocturnal spaces, to walk on the street, to take a rest on the squares, to explore passages and alleys observing the luminous atmosphere where you are immersed in: which thoughts, sensations, impressions comes to your mind?

There are not right or wrong answers but just your impressions about the luminous atmosphere. You can leave the journey when you want or keep on going in your ideally lit city. Finally, thanks for your precious contribution to the research about the relationship between man-light-city. The results of the surveyed and analyzed data will be clusterized and statistically treated and shown at []